What Everyone should To know About BROTHER PRNTER NOT CONNECTING TO WIFI

Brother Printer not connected to wifi problem occurs when there is a problem between when the device fails to establish a proper connection with your WIFI network. The problem is very troublesome when you need to meet the urgent demand.

Steps to connecting Brother printer to WiFi

  1. Turn on the Brother printer by pressing the power button on it.
  2. Once the green light starts blinking, press the Settings button on the Brother printer.
  3. And then, press the arrow button.
  4. After that, click on the Device Setting.
  5. Now, the list of printer settings gets displayed in print form.
  6. Keep pressing the downwards arrow button until the users find the “Wireless LAN setup” option.
  7. Press OK to set up the wireless network.
  8. After that, the printer starts to find the nearest wifi network available.
  9. Once the name of your network gets displayed on the printer screen, click on it.
  10. And if prompts, users are required to enter the password in the given area on the screen.


If your Brother printer not connecting to wifi, the given solutions will help you. So, try them out.

Solution 1: Check the internet connection


The basic solution to this problem is a proper internet connection. Sometimes, your unstable internet connection creates a hindrance in completing print jobs. So, make sure the interconnection is perfectly stable and provides high-strength data.

Solution 2: Check your printer driver

One of the important parts of your printer is the printer drivers. There are some problems with printer drivers such as corrupted or outdated printer drivers. So, check your printer driver and ensure they are updated or not corrupted. However, in the case they are missing, then download the printer drivers from the printer website.

Solution 3: Re-add the printer

Here are the steps to re-add the printer.

  1. Select system preferences.
  2. Click on the printer and Scanner option.
  3. Choose your printer
  4. Click the “+” option.
  5. Power down the printer and disconnect it if it is not connected to your system.

To re-add the printer

  1. Move to System Preferences.
  2. Choose the Printer and Scanner option.
  3. Select your printer.
  4. Click the “-” option.


We wish these solutions will help you to fix the brother printer not connected to wifi issue. Sometimes your cable also becomes the reason, so check them as well. However, if the problem persists, go to the experts. Brother printer renewal free is also available for the users.

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