How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error.

Brother printers stand out as the most dependable printers. The printing equipment frequently malfunctions or breaks down as a result of abuse and intensive use. Do you frequently see the error message “Brother printer paper jam”? There may be a variety of causes for this. Fortunately, there are other approaches to solving the same issue. Let’s get to the base of the issue before looking for answers.

What Causes a Brother Printer Paper Jam Error?

The most likely causes of your Brother printer not functioning properly are as follows:

1. Damage to the roller: Using too much specialised paper or handling the roller incorrectly might lead to damage.

2. Poor calibre Using low-quality cartridges will cost you later since they produce paper dust, which is expensive. Purchase high-quality equipment for smoother operation.

3. Incorrect paper loading: Even when there isn’t a paper jam, incorrect paper loading into the input tray can cause a paper jam.

What are the fixes for Brother Printer Paper Jam?

Following are the fixes for Brother Printer Paper Jam Error:

1. Make the paper tray clean.

Restart your printer

Follow the following steps:

1. To activate the printer, press the power button.

2. Disconnect the printer’s power cable.

3. Now locate the input tray.

4. Remove the input tray to clear the paper jam.

5. Carefully inspect the tray to see if there is any paper.

6. Remove any paper from the printer if there is any, then connect the cord and use the printer as usual.

2. Restart your printer.

Restart your printer

Follow the following steps:

1. Activate the printer.

2. Take the printer’s power cable off.

3. Next, cut the cable.

4. Hold off for a few seconds.

5. Now, re-plug the wire into the socket.

6. Reconnect the printer’s wired connection.

7. Restart your printer.

8. Verify the issue has been resolved.

3. Make the printer rollers clean.

printer rollers clean

1. Empty the paper tray by taking all the printed pages out of the machine.

2. To select settings, press the downward arrow

3. Click “Ok” now.

4. Click on “Clean paper feed.”

5. Click “Ok.”

6. Before continuing to work, ensure that the printer has completely stopped.

4. Verify The Type Of Paper.

Verify The Type Of Paper

1. Look for the printer’s manual.

2. Find the designated type of paper.

3. Next, open the printer’s paper tray.

4. Check to see if the paper type corresponds to the one that was specified.

5. If not, swap out the paper you’re printing on.


We sincerely hope that the solutions we offered here were successful in getting rid of this issue on your device. If you experience any problems or have issues following the instructions, call Brother Printer Customer Service phone number i.e, 1800 209 8904.

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