Why My Brother Printer is Offline Window 10 Easy Way to Fix.

The offline error occasionally occurs in Brother printers. As a result, this article discusses both the causes and fixes for this problem. Both the Windows and Mac operating systems’ answers to the “how to solve Brother printer is offline window 10 issue” have been thoroughly explained.

Reasons for Brother Printer is offline Window 10:

1. Paper jam error.

2. Ink toner obstruction.

3. The default printer is not set.

4. A network connection issue involving your computer and printer.

5. Because the print job is still in the queue

6. Incompatible or old printer drivers.

Now we will see the fixes for Brother Printer is offline Window 10.

1. Verify that the Brother printer is configured as Default.

You can experience a Brother printer goes offline issue if your brother printer is not set as a default. For instructions on how to configure your printer as the default, see below.

1. Start by using the Windows search feature to navigate to the “Control panel.”

2. Click on “Devices and Printers” when the “Control Panel” window appears. The screen will provide the following printer list.

3. From the list of printers displayed, right-click on your Brother printer and choose “Set as Default Printer.”

4. Restart your printer to see if the offline issue has been fixed.

2. By “Unchecking” the offline state, you can fix the Brother printer offline issue on Windows.

Just adhere to the instructions shown below to resolve the Brother Printer is offline Windows 10 issue.

1. To begin, click the start button to launch the control panel, then select the “Devices and Printers” option.

2. Select “see what is printing” from the context menu when you right-click the Brother print icon.

3. Next, select the printer option from the window’s top and see if the “use printer offline” checkbox is checked. Uncheck any items that have a checkmark by clicking on them.

4. Select the “cancel all documents” option when you click the printer option from the top menu once more.

4. Examine Your Printer for Jams.

A paper jam problem could prohibit your printer from functioning correctly and cause a Brother printer offline error. Follow the advice provided below to address this issue:

1. Turn off the printer and unplug the power supply if you discover a paper jam between the rollers.

2. Open the printer now to gently remove the rollers.

3. If this choice is not available, try carefully pulling paper.

4. Send a printing command after the paper has been removed from between the rollers.

I hope that this remedy will assist you in resolving the issue with “Brother printer is offline Windows 10”.And if the problem persists then you can contact to Brother Printer Customer Support number i.e,

1. 1-800-222-422 (For MTNL and BSNL users)

2. 1-800-209-8904 (For Others and all Mobiles)


We hope that this article will be most helpful to you as you seek solutions to the “My Brother printer is offline” notice on Windows 10 issue.

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